Phase one of our Co-op Conversations member engagement process is a wrap! Interested to see how it went? Check out our blog at for all the details, or click on the Co-op Conversations banner on our homepage. You can access the full report, the phase one Summary, photos from meetings, the full meeting schedule, meeting attendance lists, and much more! We are now in phase two, where we will use the information gathered in the first phase to develop our long-range plan. In phase three, we will share this plan with you to find out if we got it right! We'll update the blog with the latest developments along the way. 


Interested in using our Plaza?
Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op aims to support community activities and projects outside  for individuals and groups. If you are interested in using our plaza, please complete the form and mail to Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op or give to a cashier at the store.
Plaza usage form